Previous Technical Meetings

Topic Speaker Date
Pneumatic Mechatronic Control Adrian Buddingh 21 Feb 2013
Regulations fro Accumulators and Pressure Vessels John Foley 14 Mar 2013
Introduction in Explosion Prevention in Mines and on Surface Willem De Beer 19 Sep 2013
PneuDrive Challenge - Review of the Results Adrian Buddingh 21 Nov 2013
Manufacture and Repair of Hydraulic Cylinders Dave Sleep 27 Mar 2014
Technological Advancements of Hydraulic Quick Couplers over the last 50 years Albert Epprecht 24 Jul 2014
Latest Industrial Coatings for the Hydraulic and Cylinder Industries Struan Orlik 28 Aug 2014
Future Training in Fluid Power and the Glitches within the Framework J.v.Rensburg & H. Malema 23 Oct 2014
The Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Sluice Gate Systems in Sudan Klaus Marggraff 20 Nov 2014
Sun Hydralulics Manifold Design Programme Eugene Tondolo 19 Feb 2015
An Introduction to Applying Flow Controls Walter Zimmerman 12 Mar 2015
Biomimicry Brett Wallace 21 May 2015
Passports for the Fluid Power Industry in South Africa and Globally Gavin Wilson/Jamie Cliffe 16 Jul 2015
The Consumer Protection Act and the Impact on the Supply Chain Rob Pascolo 20 Aug 2015
The Need of a more Comprehensive Control Solution Deon Kotze 19 Nov 2015
The fourth industrial revolution and the impact to the Fluid Power Industry Daniel Fezoulidis 18 Feb 2016
Technology and Innovation in Hydraulics Hendrik Human 21 Apr 2016
Utilising Skills Development to make your business more profitable Wayne Hinsch 23 Jun 2016
Hydraulic Safety Training Course Russell Gill 22 Sep 2016
Contractor Safety Passport Scheme "Assuring Health and Safety" Max Koen 20 Oct 2016
Pressure Vessels and Accumulators SAFPA Council 17 Nov 2016
Professional registration with ECSA Dr. Terry Stidworthy 16 Feb 2017
Hydraulic Lubricants: Technology, Application and Specifications Thulani Mayekiso 16 Mar 2017
The Disposal and most effective options avialable in SA of Hydraulic Hoses Grant Stander 18 May 2017
Hydraulics Safety Training Course Walter Zimmerman 22 Jun 2017
Maintenance of Hydraulic Hose Assembly equipment Andre Oosthuizen 17 Aug 2017
Hydraulics Safety Training Course Russell Gill 19 Oct 2017
Past, Present and future of the National Qualification Allen Van Gent 19 Oct 2017
Essential Safety Requirements for Pressure Vessels Dawie Olivier 23 Nov 2017
Introduction to Hydraulics Walter Zimmerman 15 Mar 2018
Pioneering Spirit Lucas Wintjes 31 May 2018
The Fluid Power Cluster under the Auspices of the SACEEC Gerhard, Haptfleisch, Chris Beyers, Carolien van der Horst 21 Jun 2018
Electro Static Build Up and Discharge within Hydraulic Systems Wesley Beukes 15 Aug 2018