Welcome to South African Fluid Power Association

The South African Fluid Power Association (SAFPA), exists to raise the professional standards of the pneumatics and hydraulics industries. Originally established in 1982 as the Fluid Power Institute, the 33-year-old Association encourages, promotes and aids in knowledge-sharing to advance the best practises of the industry. This includes experience, ideas and knowledge pertaining to methods, processes and techniques relating to pneumatics and hydraulics between Association members.

With active membership exceeding 100 (80% corporate and 20% individual), SAFPA is recognised as the official voice of the combined hydraulic and pneumatic industry. “We encourage companies in this specialised industry, as well as those affiliated to these companies, to join our ranks,” says SAFPA President. “This will aid us in further cementing ourselves as The industry representative body, granting us greater clout when dealing with government and lawmakers, for example. This ultimately benefits our industry.” He adds that increased membership will aid in furthering education in the industry sector, ultimately adding value to organisations and their personnel.


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